STM Challenge # 12: Motivate the Elderly for Home Rehabilitation

Pääyhteistyökumppanimme: Sosiaali- ja terveysministeriö

Pääyhteistyökumppanimme: Sosiaali- ja terveysministeriö

STM Challenge # 12: Motivate the Elderly for Home Rehabilitation

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Background of the challenge:

Develop a digital solution for the elderly home rehabilitation that meets the following needs:

  • the effects on customer’s social, physical, psychological and cognitive rehabilitation
  • self-evaluation of rehabilitation
  • motivation for rehabilitation of the elderly
  • how relatives could support the elderly in digital rehabilitation

What the solution could look like:

  • a new digital IT solution OR a service that utilizes existing solutions that acts like an air traffic control by guiding the rehabilitator comfortably in their home
  • visual, gamified, fun, motivating, easy to use
  • rehabilitation and self-assessment
  • customer-oriented
  • involvement of relatives
  • the client and service manager can follow the rehabilitation process

What knowledge is needed to produce a solution?

  • Different areas of rehabilitation, home rehabilitation, progress measurement, motivation
  • Service design, services for the elderly, user friendliness, customer experience, social marketing
  • Gamification, self-assessment
  • Visualization, common language, interactivity

Keywords: System architecture, data management and mining, deep-learning methods of artificial intelligence


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